Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 Dartboard Tournament Series

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Brand: Arachnid
Item #: E750ARA
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Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dartboard

Perfect for all-family fun and friendly gatherings, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 electronic dart board features 36 games with 175 options, including five cricket games and a selectable bulls-eye. The handicapping option helps level the playing field so players at different skill levels can go head to head and keep the fun rolling. You can also turn on the solo player feature for serious practice time. The micro-thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs, while the NylonTough segments improve playability and durability. Four sets of Cricket tri-color LEDs are displayed simultaneously, and a scrolling electronic display shows opening greeting, game and option menu, and individual dart scores during play. Other features include a voice record feature (where the computer calls out a recorded name to announce the turn), bounce-out amend function, ranking function, and sleep mode and reset.


  • Tournament-quality electronic dartboard for up to 8 players—36 games with 175 options (5 Cricket)

  • NylonTough segments improve playability and durability

  • Micro-thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs

  • Computer voice feature calls out a recorded name to announce the turn

  • Includes six soft-tip darts (with extra tips); mounting hardware