Escalade Sports The Bandit®

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Brand: Escalade Sports
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World Cup-quality dartboard is notable for its thin,interlocking steel bands embedded in the bristles. Because the bands are so thin, the board has 10 percent more playing surface than other typical dartboards, resulting in fewer bounce-outs. The bands are sunk into the board itself and help strengthen it. High-grade sisal fibers give the board a clean appearance. The numbers on the board are made of powder-coated wire to increase their visibility. The board is 100 percent staple-free and is made in New Zealand. It measures 18 inches in diameter by 1 1/2 inches, which is regulation size.


  • World Cup quality dartboard; features thin, interlocking steel bans embedded in the bristles
  • Has 10 percent more playing surface then the typical dartboard, resulting in fewer bounce-outs
  • Bands are sunk into the board and help strengthen it; high-grade sisal fibers give a clean appearance
  • 100 percent staple-free; numbers on board are made of power-coated wire for greater visibility
  • Made in New Zealand; measures 18 inches in diameter by 1 ½ inches