GLD Viper Wall Defender III Dartboard Surround Wall Protector
6 "Puzzle" Pieces
Compression Fitting
Protective Layer of Flock
Throw Force
Form Dimensions

GLD Viper Wall Defender III Dartboard Surround Wall Protector

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Wall Defender III Surround

Introducing the Viper Defender III, a protective foam surround for your dartboard, designed to save your wall from damage from steel tip darts. Covering an amazing 8.2 square feet, its 6 piece construction takes seconds to set up, sliding around your existing 17. 75" or 18" bristle dartboard with a snug and secure fit. No need for any tools or installation hardware. The Defender III provides an extra 5 inches of protection around your existing dartboard with its 1" thick high-density V-foam. Your darts will not stick to your wall, or fall onto the floor when the Defender III is present, saving you hundreds on wall and floor repair, as well as dart tip replacement. The attractive velvet surface keeps your game room looking suave and professional, and it is fully reversible for lasting protection for years to come. 

(Dartboard and Darts not included)


  • Wall Protector Dimensions: 45" x 32" x 1"  (fully assembled)

  • Weight:  1.5 lbs

  • Covers additonal 8.2 square feet of wall space

  • Fits any standard size 18" bristle dartboard

  • Attractive velvet surface minimizes sign of wear
  • Compression fit - form fitting design holds tightly to the dartboard with no mounting hardware required

  • 1" thick high-density V-Foam aids in keeping darts from falling

  • Comes in six-part puzzle design for easy installation