L-Style Laro Silent - Clear 330
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L-Style Laro Silent - Clear 330


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Brand: L-Style
Package: 3 per Bag
Shipping Weight: 0.01 Lbs

A spinning shaft applied with advanced Japanese technology to create the best spinning ratio and refined to an art.  L-Style came up with several ideas to make Laro Silent a best seller.  At first, they aimed for a perfect spin, fewer backlash, an no major changes from the Laro. Then, they spent time and effort and noticed that a major problem with spin shafts is that it spins too much and wind pressure can make the shaft inadvertently spin.  They went on with some fine tuning and made improvements so it spins just enough, without wobble or backlash.  At last, they have developed an ideal and impeccable spin shaft on the market, naming it SILENT.


  • High durability polycarbonate shaft
  • Precise spinning ratio that doesn’t wobble during drawback but spins easily upon contact with another dart
  • Works with any dart with standard 2ba threads
  • 3 shafts per package


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