L-Style Silent Straight - White 130

L-Style Silent Straight - White 130

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Package: 3 Shafts


The L-Shaft by L-Style is the pinnacle of dart accessories - An ultimate combination of grip strength, ease-of-use, and performance.  Players may use the L-Shaft just like any other traditional darts shaft.  Players will need to use either L-Style’s Shell Lock System or Champagne Flight/Ring to ensure a strong hold and prevent robin hoods.  Together, these features prevent robin hoods, reduce deflections, and greatly increase the lifespan of a flight by protecting the flight where it is most vulnerable. 


The Silent model has the same great features as the L-Shaft Lock, but also has L-Style’s advanced spinning technology, which allows the dart to spin easily out of the way when colliding with another dart, but doesn’t spin too much during the drawback.  The precise spinning ratio has been refined to an art.


  • The wide opening makes flight very easy to insert.
  • The built-in flight guards prevent the flight from tearing from the bottom-up.
  • The Champagne Ring or Shell Lock ring cause the tines to compress, creating a strong hold and protecting the shaft.
  • Works with any dart with standard 2BA threads.
  • 3 shafts per package
  • Length: 13mm


Shaft is only compatible with Shell Lock Rings and Champagne Rings


Video Overview of the L-Shaft


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