Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard
Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard
Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard
Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard
Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard
Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard

Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard

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In 1930, Nodor presented their idea for a new dartboard construction, namely creating the surface from individual fibers. Nodor eventually patented the idea, and a few years later, the "Nodor Original Bristle Dartboard" was introduced, marking the first sisal dartboard, now a standard in the industry. Nodor continuously developed sisal dartboards, leading to the new Nodor Supamatch 5 Sisal Dartboard, which now incorporates more than 90 years of experience. Nodor is the inventor of the sisal dartboard and has been manufacturing high-quality dartboards since 1932.

Board Features:

  • Regulation-size bristle dart board ideal for tournament, tavern, or home use,

  • The new M.S.Z (Multiple Scoring Zone) Premium Wire from Supamatch 5 is the most advanced in the world and is over 60% thinner than the original Supamatch. This means the best-constructed dartboard with a very low bounce-out rate,

  • Nodor’s High Tensile, low profile wiring system provides increased critical scoring area size by adding thinner multiple scoring zones and radial wires. Web surfaces are reduced by 14%, 6mm extra scoring area in the triples and 9mm2 in the doubles,

  • The sisal from Kenya is slightly softer pressed compared to similar boards, allowing the darts to grip the board very well,

  • Staple-free, carbon diffused bullseye and 25 ring for extra durability and improved performance and scoring area,

  • Thanks to Nodor's new patented fastening, the board remains securely fixed even when darts are firmly pulled out,

  • The proven "Rota-Lock" system, with its triple-wheel lock adjustment wheels, allows the board to be perfectly aligned even on virtually any surface,
    including uneven walls,  

  • Complies with Specifications of the National Darts Federation, World Darts Federation and American Dart Association


  • Diameter: approx. ~17.7 in (
  • Thickness: ~11.6 in


  • Dartboard
  • Dart board hanging kit and instruction