Nodor Supawire 2™

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Brand: Nodor
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Supawire 2™ Bristle Dartboard

The Nodor™ Supawire 2™ Dartboard is endorsed by the American Dart Organization.  It is suitable for a host of locations, from taverns to tournaments to basement rec rooms.  The regulation-size 18 inch diameter board offers such features as a complete staple-free Supabulls bulls-eye for maximum scoring, SupaWire bands and dividers designed to reduce bounce-outs, and a moveable number ring that prolongs the life of the board. The extra-dense sisal fibers – which self-heal after every toss – you needn’t worry about the board breaking down over time.

Board Features:

  • Endorsed by the American Dart Organization for tournament use

  • Regulation-size bristle dart board ideal for tournament, tavern, or home use

  • Complete staple-Free Supabull bulls-eye with improved scoring area

  • SupWire bands and dividers help minimize bounce-outs

  • Measures 18 inches in diameter by 1 ½ inches with a 1-year warranty