Target Darts Bolide Void 03 90% Tungsten SP Steel Tip Darts 26 grams
Target Darts Bolide Void 03 90% Tungsten SP Steel Tip Darts 26 grams
Target Darts Bolide Void 03 90% Tungsten SP Steel Tip Darts 26 grams

Target Darts Bolide Void 03 90% Tungsten SP Steel Tip Darts 26 grams

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Package: 3 Darts per Set


Introducing the 90% Tungsten Bolide Void, redefining Precision in Darting Excellence.

The Bolide Void, a revolutionary dart set designed for ultimate precision and performance. Crafted with unparalleled expertise and innovation, this exceptional dart set promises to elevate your game to new heights. Experience the future of darting with the Bolide Void. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, these darts will help you take your game to the next level. Elevate your accuracy, control, and style with the Bolide Void, the ultimate choice for serious dart players.


  • Series: Bolide
  • Model: Void 03
  • The Bolide Void features a high-density 90% tungsten barrel, known for its exceptional weight-to-volume ratio. This material choice ensures that your darts have the perfect balance between weight and slimness, allowing for improved accuracy and control,
  • The Bolide Void boasts a stunning black titanium coating that not only enhances the dart's aesthetic appeal but also adds an extra layer of durability. This advanced coating ensures that your darts maintain their pristine look and feel, match after match,
  • Target understands that every player has a unique grip preference. That's why the Bolide Void offers multiple grip profiles, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. Whether you prefer a smooth and sleek grip or a more aggressive, textured feel, the Bolide Void has you covered,
  • Targets cutting-edge Swiss Point technology sets the Bolide Void apart from the competition. The Swiss Point system allows for effortless and secure point replacement, ensuring that your darts stay sharp and accurate without any hassle. Say goodbye to the tedious process of changing dart points,
  • To enhance your control and accuracy, we've incorporated a precision sandblast grip into the design of the Bolide Void. This tactile, textured grip provides the perfect amount of friction, giving you the confidence to throw with pinpoint accuracy every time,
  • The Bolide Void is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and engineering, with every aspect of its design focused on delivering exceptional performance. From the aerodynamic barrel shape to the balanced weight distribution, these darts are designed to help you achieve your highest scores yet.


  • Material: 90% Tungsten
  • Coating: Black Titanium
  • Barrel Color (3): Black & Gold
  • Match Weight (Dart to Dart): +/- 0.05 grams
  • Barrel Weight (with tip) (1): 26 grams
  • Total Weight (approx. with flight, shaft, and tip) (1): 28 grams
  • Barrel Length (2): 47 mm
  • Barrel Diameter Max(2):  7.85 mm
  • Barrel Shape: Front Loaded
  • Grip (4): Mixed Radial
  • Balance Point: Front
  • Points/Tips: Storm Point - Black
  • Thread Type: Swiss Point

What’s Included (5)

  • Darts: 3 Darts 
  • Flights: 3 Flights (1 set)  (Pro Ultra No. 6)
  • Shafts: 3 Shafts (1 set)  (Pro Grip - Short)
  • Points/Tips: 3 Tips  (1 set)
  • Case: None
  • Other: Swiss Point Tool

Warranty (4):  Lifetime on barrel breakage only, return to manufacturer.  Does not include tip breakage.


  1. Barrel weights are specified by the manufacturers, barrel, and tip only. Full weights are dependent on the accessories (flights, shafts, etc.) supplied with the dart and not guaranteed,
  2. Barrel lengths and diameters are measured and rounded to the nearest millimeter. The measurements are subject to change, by the manufacturer, without notice,
  3. Some Manufacturers warrant their darts against fractures and breakage. However, coatings are NOT guaranteed (this includes titanium, graphics, or any type of paint on the barrel),
  4. There are no industry standards for barrel grip. Numbers shown are subjective from the manufacturer.,
  5. The dart set ordered should match the barrel pictured. All other components (flights, shafts, and tips) may vary in color, design, and length,
  6. Please call (800) 345-6519 with questions concerning the darts and accessories


  • Choking Hazard - Children Under 3: This product is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items marbles, small balls, or small parts.