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Soft Tip Darts

Soft Tip Darts are used to play on electronic dart boards. The term "soft tip" refers to the material used to manufacture the tip of the dart. The tips are not soft, but are made from rigid plastic. As with any dart, the player needs to be cautious when throwing the dart. Soft tip darts can still cause serious injury to a player or fan. The player can choose length of the tips, color and tip shape. Different tip shapes work better with different electronic dart boards. The player will need to try different shapes and lengths to determine which works best on their dart board. It is important that the player knows the thread size of their barrel to determine which replacement tip to use. The two most common sizes are ¼” and 2BA. The ¼” thread is usually found on the lower cost aluminum, brass, nickel silver or stainless steel barrels. The 2BA size is almost always used with tungsten barrel darts.