Fit Flight - Black Pear

Fit Flight - Black Pear

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Brand: Fit Flight
Package: 3 Flights
Shipping Weight: 0.01 Lbs


Fit Flight is the innovative Flight and Shaft system.  Common types of flights are installed by inserting in narrow slots on all sides.  With this method, however, flights fell off easily, and they requires using parts for locked type or making an unwanted hole on a flight to avoid falling off.  This made handling those small parts very difficult.  Players have been always feeling stress by losing parts or complicated installation.  Fit Flight succeeded in developing an ideal flight and shaft system by making their exclusive parts.  They could attach parts precisely and remove unnecessary parts by adopting the “Push-in” system. 

  • 3 flights per set
  • Approx. 450 microns thick
  • Use with Fit Shafts to achieve the ultimate hold to the shaft.


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