Target Darts Pro 100 Vision Light Blue - Standard
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Target Darts Pro 100 Vision Light Blue - Standard

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Brand: Target Darts
Item #: 117970
Package: 3 Flights
Shipping Weight: 0.01 Lbs


Pro 100 Vision Flights Light Blue - Standard

Heavy duty flights 100 microns thick. Material is similar to the Pentathlon, Ruthless, Marathon and G-Force flights.

Thicker flight provides longer play and better gripping on shaft.

3 flights per set.


  • Brand: Target
  • Shape: Standard
  • Color: Light Blue and Clear
  • Wingspan (mm) (1): 27 mm
  • Wing Height (mm) (2): 42 mm
  • Thickness (microns) (1): 100
  • Weight (grams) (1): 0.6 grams


  • Limited Warranty Only at Delivery. Please call (800) 345-6519 with questions concerning darts and accessories.


  1. Flight thickness, span, height and weight are approximate measurements
  2. Measured from tip of flight to the beginning of the shaft threads